Police Union President’s Lawsuit Against Ex-Chief Fails

WILMINGTON, DE — A jury has found that a former Delaware police chief did not violate the constitutional rights of the police department’s union president. The News Journal reports the attempt by Master Sgt. Harold Bozeman, Fraternal Order of Police president, to sue Wilmington and the city’s former police chief for alleged retaliation failed in […]

Is There Light At The End Of The SDPD Staffing Problem?

SAN DIEGO, CA — San Diego city and police officials are hoping Mark Stroud is the future of the SDPD. They’re not anticipating he’ll be chief one day, or even a top-ranking member of the department, though there’s nothing saying he couldn’t become either of those things. What they see in the return of the […]

Police Commander Suspended For Crude, Inappropriate Language

DENVER — A top Denver Police Department Commander will be suspended without pay for 10 days after suggesting two subordinates who had a disagreement “get in a room by themselves and (expletive) each other until they figure it out.” CBS4 has obtained a two-page department disciplinary action ordering that Commander James Henning, who oversees the […]