Muskegon Firefighters Dispute Heats Up As Staffing Issues Go Unresolved

MUSKEGON, MI — The ideological divide between Muskegon’s firefighters and city leaders has deepened in recent months, transforming a fight over budget cuts into fraught relations and infighting over concerns for public safety. In June 2017, the city slashed nearly $700,000 from the department’s budget, citing rising pension costs, uncontrolled overtime and what City Manager […]

What Happens When Suburban Police Departments Don’t Have Enough Money?

In suburbs just outside the city of Chicago, some police officers are paid fast-food wages; they work part-time patrolling high crime areas, just so they can use their badge to get better paying security jobs. Many police chiefs say the low-wages and part-time positions are consequences of inadequate funding. That means departments can’t pay for […]

The Remedy In Subcontracting Cases

The usual labor relations definition of “subcontracting” is the assignment of bargaining unit work to non-bargaining unit personnel. In states with collective bargaining, subcontracting is usually thought to be a mandatory subject of bargaining, with employers required to bargain over subcontracting before engaging in it. The Boston Police Superior Officers Federation represents supervisory sworn employees […]