Garrity Violation Does Not Require Dismissal Of Indictment

Anthony Scott was a trooper with the Georgia State Patrol (GSP). Scott was indicted by a grand jury for misdemeanor reckless driving and speeding. The indictment charged that on September 26, 2015, Scott was on duty in his patrol car when he collided with another vehicle; two of the four people in the other car […]

Brady Material Results In 10-Year Suspension From Patrol Duties

Deputies Matthew Griebel and Bryan Lukich work for the Will County, Illinois, Sheriff’s Department. In 2011, Griebel signed a Last Chance Agreement in which he agreed that he made inconsistent statements during an Internal Affairs investigation. Griebel hit a deer with his patrol car and then falsely claimed that the accident was caused by a […]

The Requirements Of The Duty Of Fair Representation

There are perhaps as many misconceptions about the duty of fair representation as any other principle in the public safety workplace. The duty, which is owed to all bargaining unit members, captures a union’s obligation to fairly represent all its members without discrimination. The duty is not, however, a substantive duty, in that it never […]

Hearsay Alone Cannot Justify Disciplinary Decision

Corey Corbo is a Union City, New Jersey police officer. An incident that resulted in Corbo’s termination began when police and emergency medical personnel responded to a residence in nearby Monroe Township. Monroe police officer Jamey DiGrazio later testified that medical personnel, who were upstairs in the residence performing CPR on an unconscious and intubated […]


HULL, Mass. — A town meeting measure that would change the hiring practice for future chiefs and deputy chiefs in the fire department is under fire by the local union. Hull Firefighters Local 1657 is urging voters to reject proposals at town meeting, the second of which eliminates the requirement that firefighters be certified paramedics. […]