The police union has filed a lawsuit against a Derby company, alleging that the group failed to honor a fundraising agreement and owes it $30,503.

The Manchester Police Officers Association filed suit against Funding & Development Inc. on April 4 in Hartford Superior Court.

The lawsuit charges that on Sept. 1, 2015, the union and Funding & Development entered into an agreement under which the union designated the company as its exclusive coordinator for fundraising.

In return, the company guaranteed that the police union would receive either $25,000 a year or a total of $50,000 over the two-year contract, or 30 percent of gross solicitation revenues, whichever one was greater.

During that two-year period, the company raised $54,165, but claimed $34,618 as expenses, the lawsuit says.

That left $19,547 for the police union. The lawsuit says that’s insufficient, under the argeement.

“As the plaintiff was owed a minimum of $50,000 under the two-year agreement, the defendant owes the plaintiff a balance of $30,503,” the lawsuit says.

The West Hartford Police Officers Association, that town’s police union, has also sued Funding & Development, asserting similar violations of a similar contract.

Judicial records show that Ronald Frederick DeMatteo, the lawyer for Funding & Development, has not yet been served as the state marshal’s office cannot find his location. Company president Matthew C. Johnson was served.

Little other information about Funding & Development Inc. was available. An online search showed an agreement for it to coordinate donations for the Connecticut Police Work Dog Association.

From: Journal Inquirer

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