Head Of Phoenix Police Union: Staffing Remains At Dangerously Low Level

PHOENIX, AZ — The Phoenix Police Department has brought on more officers over the past year, but the head of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association said the staffing remains at a dangerously low level. Sgt. Mercedes Fortune with the Phoenix Police Department told KTAR News 92.3 FM that the number of current personnel is 2,945 […]

Missouri Voters Reject Anti-Union Law In A Victory For Labor

After a succession of political setbacks in onetime strongholds and a landmark defeat in the Supreme Court, organized labor has notched a hard-won victory as Missouri voters overrode a legislative move to curb union power. A measure on the ballot on Tuesday asked voters to pass judgment on a prospective law barring private-sector unions from […]

First Thursday, August 2018

LRIS Podcast

Ten question to ask in the wake of the Janus decision. Wyoming Law Requires That Volunteers Be Included In Firefighter Bargaining Unit, IAFF, Local 5058 v. Gillette/Wright/Campbell County Fire Protection Joint Powers Board, 2018 WL 3322899 (Wyo. 2018). Prosecutor ‘Absolutely Immune’ For Suit Alleging Brady-List Type Retaliation, Savage v. State of Maryland, 2018 WL 3398220 […]