Washington High Court Sends Deadly Force Measure To Ballot

OLYMPIA, WA — Voters will have their say in November on a measure designed to make it easier to prosecute police for negligent shootings, the Washington Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. But in a split ruling with multiple dissents, the justices decided to keep a compromise bill preferred by law enforcement, advocates and many lawmakers off […]

Firefighters Face Certain Risk For Uncertain Rewards

Hundreds of unionized firefighters work side by side as wildfires ravage California and other Western states, but their rates of pay and benefits vary widely. Federal and state employees are among those trying to control the 55 uncontained fires burning as of Aug. 24, according to data from the National Interagency Coordination Center. The efforts […]

City Not Required To Maintain Mistaken Promotion

Chicago Police Officer Cleveland Hardy served for three years as a driver for former Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. When the Department announced openings for the sergeant position, McCarthy and Hardy discussed the possibility of Hardy applying. Command staff below the rank of deputy superintendent could nominate a candidate for the promotion as long as the […]

Supreme Court Narrows Cell Phone Searches Even Further

In 2011, police officers arrested four men suspected of robbing a series of Radio Shack and T-Mobile stores in Detroit. One of the men confessed that, over the previous four months, the group (along with a rotating cast of getaway drivers and lookouts) had robbed nine different stores in Michigan and Ohio. The suspect identified […]

Citizens’ Initiative An End-Run Around The Bargaining Process

In November 2010, San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders declared that he would develop a citizens’ initiative to eliminate traditional pensions for new hires, except in the police and fire departments, and replace the old pension system with a 401(k)-style plan. San Diego’s charter establishes a “strong mayor” form of government, under which Sanders acted as […]