The NYPD’s Union wants to pay good Samaritans a fixed amount of cash for assisting police officers who may be in danger.

According to ABC 7, the Sergeants Benevolent Association is offering $500 cash rewards to citizens who assist police officers with suspects who resist arrest. President Ed Mullins says that the program was carried out due to too many people using their cell phones to record police encounters instead of offering to help.

Mullins strictly emphasized that the program is not intended to create vigilantes, but it is a response to the hands-off approach that NYPD officers use when encountering criminals. Officials reported that the program started on Wednesday.

The SBA is also pressing a new Good Samaritan law that will protect citizens from liability if they ever involved themselves in helping police officers. The law is still currently in the process of being discussed and applied.

The NYPD issued a statement in response to the union’s creation of the program: “The NYPD encourages people to support their cops by calling 911. The department doesn’t want to see people put in harm’s way unnecessarily to collect a reward.”

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