LRIS First Thursday Podcast

First Thursday, November 2018

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This month’s cases include:

  • To What Due Process Are Chiefs Owed, And When?, Straub v. City of Spokane, 738 Fed.Appx. 392 (9th Cir. 2018).
  • Pennsylvania Sorts Out Cancer Presumption, With Difficulty, City of Philadelphia v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board, 2018 WL 5046516 (Penn. 2018).
  • What Are The Employer’s Choices When An Employee Asserts Weingarten Rights? Metropolitan Alliance of Police, 35 PERI ¶ 56 (Ill. ELRB 2018).
  • Garrity Is Not A ‘License To Commit Crimes,’ State v. Noguiera, 2018 WL 4924533 (N.J. App. 2018).
  • Kentucky Sticks With ‘Firefighters Rule,’ Norfolk Southern Railway Company v. Johnson, 554 S.W.3d 315 (Ky. 2018).