Albany Detectives Break Away From Officers In Union

ALBANY, NY — City detectives have formed their own labor unit, breaking away from officers in the Council 82 union. The group of about 60 this week moved to form their own collective bargaining unit to better address the needs of detectives, Detective Kevin Flynn confirmed Friday. Flynn is a former president of the union. […]

Police Chief Under Investigation Resigns

BETHESDA, OH — The village’s of Bethesda’s police chief will no longer be with the department. This comes after months of the chief being on paid administrative leave. Village council just approved the resignation of Eric Smith who’s been under investigation for allegedly misusing the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway. Village council says Eric Smith has […]

New Orleans Firefighters Get First Pay Raise In More Than Decade

NEW ORLEANS, LA — For the first time in more than a decade, firefighters are getting a bump in pay. The raise is part of the new budget, Mayor Cantrell and city council members approved Thursday. Surrounded by council members, Mayor Cantrell, applauded the passing of the 2019 Fiscal Year Budget. “I know that we […]