Albany Detectives Break Away From Officers In Union

ALBANY, NY — City detectives have formed their own labor unit, breaking away from officers in the Council 82 union.

The group of about 60 this week moved to form their own collective bargaining unit to better address the needs of detectives, Detective Kevin Flynn confirmed Friday. Flynn is a former president of the union.

The Albany Police Officers Union Council 82 is led by president David Verrelli and vice-president Greg McGee, representing just under 300 officers.

The new bargaining unit, which would remain under Council 82, would allow detectives to negotiate their own contracts.

The breakaway comes at a time when adjustments are being made internally to executive staff with a new police chief on board, and following a year of periodic friction between the union and the city administration.

In April, the Police Officer’s Union Council 82 were handed a less than desirable arbitration award for 2014 and 2015. Members wound up with no raises given for 2014 and a 1 percent increase for 2015 that wasn’t effective until Dec. 31, 2015, through the arbitration award — which was less than what the city had offered in negotiations.

In July, following a spate in violence in Albany, union officials put out a lengthy Facebook post criticizing Mayor Kathy Sheehan and an anti-violence group that responds to shootings, igniting backlash by then acting Chief Bob Sears and Sheehan.

From The Albany Times Union

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