Tulsa Police Union Says Independent Monitor Would Violate Contract

TULSA, OK — Tulsa’s Police Union is warning the City that an independent monitor would violate the terms of their contract.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum proposed a new office of the independent monitor, which would be an advisory body on police policy. The Fraternal Order of Police believes that’s another layer of bureaucracy.

The union said it was still unsure of what the Mayor wants, but any terms have to go through contract talks. Their letter to the Mayor, the union says, wasn’t meant to be made public.

Meanwhile, the Mayor’s office has responded by saying the monitor is independent, not another part of the police chain of command. The mayor said the citizens deserve an independent expert review of police use of force and said he would work over the next few months to develop the new plan.

From Newson6.com

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