First Thursday, March 2019

Our first premium podcast was released on February 20. Will interviewed noted FLSA attorney Greg McGillivary. Subscribe to our newsletter or premium podcasts for access.

This weeks cases include:

  • Blanket ‘Gag Order’ Violates Bargaining Law, Santa Clara County Correctional Peace Officers’ Association, 43 PERC ¶ 104 (Cal. PERB 2018).
  • Denial Of Transfer Can Be ‘Adverse Employment Action,’ Yee v. Massachusetts State Police, 2019 WL 347521 (Mass. 2019).
  • Arbitrator’s Decision To Reinstate Officer Survives ‘Public Policy’ Argument, City of Richfield v. Law Enforcement Labor Services, Inc., 2019 WL 575866 (Minn. 2019).