Interview With Police Chief Jim Porter

Jim Porter of the Bend, Oregon Police Department discusses how a focus on the emotional and physical health of a police department can transform the morale, productivity, and job satisfaction of officers. In the five years he has held his position, Chief Porter has implemented a number of innovative programs designed to improve the well-being […]

Police Overtime Plummets Under New Scheduling System

The Verona Police Department switched from eight-hour shifts to 12-hour shifts at the start of the year, and the change has sharply cut police overtime. At the Town Council meeting on Monday night, Township Manager Matt Cavallo said that officer overtime has fallen by 81% in 2019, compared to the same period last year. Dispatcher […]

Shortage Of Fairbanks Police Department Officers Is Growing

A growing shortage of officers at the Fairbanks Police Department is expected to have imminent but unknown repercussions on patrols and operations.   That’s according to Fairbanks Communications Director Teal Soden, who detailed the effect of unfilled openings in conjunction with anticipated retirements.  The department has 46 authorized and commissioned officers, including the chief, all supervisors and detectives. Seven positions are unfilled, but that […]