Montana Chief Questions POST Board’s Role In Officer Discipline

Leaders of some law enforcement agencies in Montana have expressed frustration that the quasi-judicial board that sets officer employment and training standards is undermining the authority of agencies to discipline their own officers. The Montana Public Safety Officer Standards and Training Council, also known as POST, says it is willing to consider disciplinary recommendations from […]

Montgomery Fire Department Struggling To Fill Ranks As Recruitment Falls Statewide

Demarcus Jiles spent his senior year training for the rest of his life. That work will pay off sooner than nearly everyone else he graduated with. Jiles, a Jeff Davis High School Class of 2019 member, was also a student at the Montgomery Preparatory Academy for Career Technologies where he studied fire sciences.  The class, taught by a former […]

‘It’s Killing Us’: Why Firefighters Are Battling To Ban Flame Retardants

Massachusetts has failed to sign a bill banning flame retardants into law despite endorsement of lawmakers and pediatricians and concerns over safety Jay Fleming is a booming Boston firefighter who has climbed the ranks since 1978. He has two engineering degrees, a no-nonsense manner and thick accent. For the last seven years, he has applied his considerable […]

Same-Sex Partner Loses Claim For Survivor Benefits

Debra Lee Anderson and Deborah Cady were committed partners who worked for the Rapid City Police Department in South Dakota. Cady retired from the Department in May 2012. The couple married on July 19, 2015. Cady passed away on March 10, 2017. Upon Cady’s passing, Anderson applied for spousal survivor benefits under Cady’s retirement plan […]

Wearing Protective Mask Reasonable Accommodation For Corrections Officer

Monica Berry worked for the Illinois Department of Corrections as a corrections officer at the Logan Correctional Center. In February 2013, the Department granted her leave under the Family Medical Leave Act due to her asthma, which rendered her partially unable to do her job. Her asthma was exacerbated by potential irritants, specifically pepper spray. […]

Speech About Firefighter’s Fitness Not Constitutionally Protected

Dr. Nancy King worked under contract for Polk County, Florida and for fifteen years was the primary person responsible for determining whether firefighter applicants were medically qualified. Ordinarily, King would rely on a national standard known as NFPA 1582 to determine if the candidate was capable of performing the tasks of a firefighter. She would […]

Permanent Inability To Return To Work Is Fatal

Isaiah Cardinale was an officer with the police department in Nutley Township, New Jersey. In December 2013, Cardinale submitted to a random drug test. Two days later, Cardinale admitted to using cocaine. The Department immediately suspended him pending the results of the test, and Cardinale successfully completed drug and alcohol treatment in Florida. In February […]

Firefighter Wins $750k In Retaliation Case

Jesse Diaz was a firefighter for Trenton, New Jersey. Diaz, who is Hispanic, was well-regarded by his colleagues and supervisors, and he enjoyed their camaraderie and support. That changed after Diaz overheard a white firefighter named Plumeri use a racist term in reference to an African-American colleague. Although the colleague was not present, Diaz thought […]

Firing Of Former Sheriff’s Wife Does Not Violate The First Amendment

Tamela Muir, Bert Muir, and Ben Boswell worked for the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) in Iowa. Tamela began working for the DCSO in November 1996 as a jailer and dispatcher. Her employment was at-will. Bert started working for the DCSO on March 19, 1998, when he was elected Sheriff. He hired Boswell as a […]

HIPAA Forms Can Violate Americans With Disabilities Act

John Nawara is a corrections officer with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office in Illinois. From 2002 to 2007, he was on a special team in the Cook County Jail called the Special Operations Response Team (SORT). After members of SORT supported a candidate who challenged Sheriff Tom Dart in the primary election, SORT was disbanded. […]

How Miranda and Garrity Relate To One Another

In 2016, the Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) initiated an investigation into allegations of corruption within its Narcotics Bureau. In an effort to ascertain the identity of the purportedly corrupt law enforcement officers, the Criminal Conspiracy Section of the Department’s Professional Compliance Bureau orchestrated a clandestine sting operation. Investigators rented a motel room and designated an […]