First Thursday, June 2019

Will talks about the Plain View Project, an online database of Facebook posts and comments by current and former law enforcement officers that include racist, sexist, anti-Muslim and other controversial sentiments.

He also covers the following cases:

  • Employer Cannot Refuse To Negotiate With Union’s Lawyer, FOP, Lodge 109 v. SEPTA, 50 PPER ¶ 7 (Penn. LRB 2019)
  • ‘Do Not Apply’ Alert Is Protected Union Speech, City of Santa Maria, 43 PERC ¶ 161 (Cal. PERB ALJ 2019)
  • Discipline Outside Of Statutory Time Frames Is ‘An Absolute Nullity,’ Pozzo v. Department of Police, 2019 WL 1473500 (La. App. 2019)