Gun-Mounted Cameras Could Be The Alternative To Expensive Police Body Cams

The typical cost for one weapon-mounted cam is about $800 over a five year period. That’s compared to a body cam, which would be about $10,000 per year Police body cameras are a big discussion for many police departments nationwide and the Salem, Ill. police have found a solution to the high cost of data storage. It’s gun camera, attached to […]

PTSD Now Covered Under Workman’s Compensation For First Responders In Idaho

IDAHO FALLS — As of Monday, post-traumatic stress disorder is now covered by workman’s compensation for first responders. In the 2019 Idaho legislative session, lawmakers passed a bill making PTSD in first responders coverable by workman’s compensation. Governor Brad Little signed the bill into law on March 12. That law went into effect Monday. “It’s a good […]