Austin Police Pension Fund Facing Trouble

AUSTIN, TX — The Austin Police Department’s retirement system is in considerable trouble, with actuaries predicting that the fund will run out of money within 50 years unless the city and the officers who are members of the system reach an agreement to change current contribution levels, benefits and/or try a more novel approach. Like […]

Report: Kissimmee Officer Fired Over Sex Video at School

KISSIMMEE, FL — A Kissimmee police officer assigned to a K-8 charter school was fired for making a sexually explicit video of herself for her husband from inside a school staff bathroom in December 2018, according to an internal affairs report. The report for the unidentified officer became public Friday. “The safety and security of […]

Orange County Sheriff Seeks Higher Starting Pay For Deputies

ORLANDO, FL — Orange County deputies said it’s time for them to make as much money as Orlando police. And now that the former Orlando police chief is the sheriff, they expect it. Sheriff John Mina asked the county for a $267 million budget that would include hiring 52 new deputies. But as WFTV investigative reporter Shannon […]