Seven Philadelphia Police Officers Resign Over Offensive Facebook Posts

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Seven Philadelphia police officers have resigned following the controversy surrounding racist and offensive Facebook posts.

Action News has learned the seven were among 13 officers who were suspended with intent to dismiss last month.

A total of 72 officers were placed on administrative leave after the department’s investigation began back in June.

Four officers were suspended for 30 days, while three did not face any discipline. The remaining officers faced disciplinary action ranging from a reprimand to five-day suspension.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross said the posts contained such messages as “death to Islam” or described African-Americans as “thugs.” Some also suggested violence to transgender individuals.

The posts were compiled in a database by the Plain View Project, and published by Injustice Watch, a not-for-profit journalism organization.

Attorney Emily Baker-White reviewed public posts of more than 14,000 officers in eight cities,including Philadelphia, York (Pa.), Dallas, St. Louis and Phoenix.

According to Injustice Watch, of the more than 1,000 Philadelphia officers identified on Facebook by Baker-White, 328 of them posted troubling content. According to the research some of the entries were made as far back as 2010.


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