Sheriff Ordering Deputies Off Streets Due To ‘Budgetary Concerns’

SAN ANTONIO — The Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County (DSABC) made hefty allegations Tuesday.

According to the association, the Bexar County Sheriff has issued orders to take deputies off the streets to address budgetary concerns.

The DSABC says it believes doing this will reduce safety for residents in the county.

“We believe the safety of the community should never be outweighed by any amount of overtime,” the DSABC said. “We at the DSABC will work tirelessly to fight for the safety of our community and membership to keep us all safe.”

The Sheriff’s Office provided a statement, acknowledging the release from the DSABC:

“In an effort to reduce tax payer expense, while also ensuring that the safety of Bexar County residents is not compromised, members of BCSO Law Enforcement who are approaching 480 hours of Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime may be asked to schedule time off in accordance with their personal needs,” the BCSO said in a statement. “This is being done in order to prevent an excess amount of compensatory time payout. This request was made with feedback from the Bexar County Budget Department.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office remains committed to maintaining adequate staffing, without placing the safety of our community at risk and as such, there will be no gaps in service to the community. Additionally, Violent Crime in Bexar County is down by 16.54 % and 911 Response Times improved by 16.5%.”


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