First Thursday, September 2019

Update: The fallout from the Plain View Project. The Plain View Project is run by a Philadelphia attorney who seeks to reveal the identity of law enforcement officers in eight jurisdictions who post what the attorney deems as sexist, racist or other unsuitable messages on Facebook. Cases: Employer Must Provide Information Before, Not After, Loudermill […]

Appeals Court Upholds Duluth Police Officer’s Reinstatement

In the latest blow to the city, a three-judge panel upheld previous findings that officer Adam Huot should get his job back. The Minnesota Court of Appeals on Tuesday affirmed a ruling that would give a Duluth police officer his job back after he was fired for dragging a handcuffed man through the downtown skywalk […]

EMS Union Calls For Creation Of ‘Medic In Distress’ Dispatch Code

If police had realized that a patient was attacking an Austin medic inside an ambulance a few weeks ago, Austin-Travis County EMS union president Selena Xie believes officers would’ve arrived sooner than the eight minutes it took them to get there. “The patient took off all his restraints — his seat belts — and then […]