Phoenix Police Sergeant Sues Department Over Facebook Investigation

A police sergeant is suing the Phoenix Police Department in federal court, claiming the agency violated his First Amendment rights by trying to discipline him for his Facebook posts that disparaged Muslims and undocumented immigrants. Sgt. Juan Hernandez shared 11 memes or “news articles” that say Muslims are criminals or refer to immigrants as illegal. Hernandez’s Facebook posts were […]

Arbitrator Sides With City, Upholds Suspension Of Officer For ‘Hateful’ Facebook Tirade

An Orlando police officer who posted an expletive-laden tirade on Facebook in 2017 will face the 80-hour suspension initially handed to him by the department, an arbitrator ruled last month. The ruling comes months after the arbitration hearing for the officer, Robert Schellhorn, in which he testified that an “emotional buildup” over recent police deaths […]