Police Union Claims Fort Pierce Police Curved Promotions Tests To Pass Officers Who Failed

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — The Coastal Florida Police Benevolent Association has filed a grievance against the Fort Pierce Police Department, calling into question whether recent promotions lists were created according to rules laid out in union contracts. Union Staff Representative Al Boettjer said the complaint alleges failing grades were curved to add additional officers to […]

What If You Call 911 And No One Comes?

The night of June 15, 2016, was perfect for a softball game in Hebron, North Dakota. The temperature had reached almost 80 degrees that day, and even though Jerrid Soupir had been feeling pretty lousy — like maybe he was catching a summer cold — he was itching to get out on the field. It […]

Nevada Highway Patrol Association Becomes The Third Group Of State Employees To Unionize

The Nevada Highway Patrol Association, or NHPA, has filed for recognition as the exclusive union for state police officers. The association on Thursday announced it had been designated as the collective bargaining group for thousands of highway patrol troopers, parole and probation officers, fire marshalls, detectives, game wardens, park rangers and university and capitol police.  […]