12 Police Recruitment Ideas Every Agency Should Consider

Oregon law enforcement agency leaders, chiefs shared their police recruiting successes, innovations and resources at IACP CHICAGO – Ideas for recruiting law enforcement and correctional officers were shared by representatives of Oregon law enforcement agencies in the final session at IACP 2019. The agencies were: Washington County (Ore.) Sheriff’s Office City of Bend (Ore.) Police Department […]

Police Union Reacts To Comment From Mayor On Possibility Of Reopening Contract Negotiations

MADISON, Wis. – Madison’s police union is reacting to a statement from Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, who suggested she would consider reopening police contracts if parts of her proposed 2020 budget fail to pass. At a Wisconsin Public Forum event Monday night, Rhodes-Conway spoke about her budget and the struggles she faced while creating it. During the […]

How Pittsburgh Police Are Approaching One Year After Tree Of Life

The shooting at Tree of Life synagogue last year took 11 lives and impacted countless others. For the officers who rushed to the scene that day, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Sergeant Carla Kearns said the first anniversary, like any significant trauma, may be the toughest. “Obviously, I think that officers are going to be a […]

Anderson Firefighters Open Peer Support Group To Community After Increase In Suicides

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) — Anderson firefighters opened their peer support network to all community members after a series of teen suicides in Madison County. The group, aimed at preventing suicide and encouraging dialogue surrounding mental health, was founded in 2015 by the president of the local firefighters union. James Harless, an Anderson firefighter who leads peer support […]

Cops Can Now Access Confidential Program

Following a wave of officer suicides this year, the New York Police Department launched a mental-health initiative in partnership with New York-Presbyterian Hospital this week.   The service is intended to provide free—and confidential—counseling and other assistance to officers who sense they might need help coping with personal or professional pressures, or often both. 24/7 […]

IACP Quick Take: How A Counseling Service Saves Police Lives

CHICAGO – The Chicago Police Department has an in-house Professional Counseling Service/Employee Assistant Program (EAP) that is responsible for the protection, maintenance and restoration of the emotional well-being of its more than 13,000 members, retirees and their families.   At the 126th International Association of Chiefs of Police conference, Robert Sobo, PsyD, director of the Chicago Police Department Professional Counseling Service/EAP, drew on 20 years of experience to discuss the significant issues impacting law […]