Altered Photo Of Twin Falls Police Officer Circulating On Facebook

Police investigated the accused officer’s computer and found out he was not browsing inappropriate content while on duty.

TWIN FALLS, Idaho — Two photographs were circulated on Facebook of a Twin Falls police officer surfing the web in a WinCo parking lot while on duty in his police car. 

The original picture showed the officer viewing a video on YouTube. 

In the second photograph the officer’s computer screen’s image was replaced with one that appears to show the officer viewing inappropriate content while in his car, according to the Twin Falls Police Department. 

Both photographs were discovered by the police on Sept. 30, according to officials.  

The officer in the photograph said he spent a couple of minutes looking on YouTube for a video to explain how to fix a key fob after receiving a call from his daughter asking for help because she was locked out of her car, according to authorities. 

The police department performed an investigation on the officer and searched his computer history, as well as the department’s internal server records. The police confirmed the accused officer’s explanation that he was viewing videos about repairing key fobs and not browsing inappropriate content. 

There was no evidence found of the officer “attempting to access any inappropriate websites or images,” according to the Twin Falls Police Department Facebook post. 

The city of Twin Falls employee servers block access to many websites deemed inappropriate and all searches on employee devices are recorded.

“After reviewing the facts of this case, we do not find that the officer in question violated any of our policies. We, therefore, consider this matter resolved,” the Twin Falls Police Department’s Facebook post said.


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