City Of Pittsburgh Paramedic Suspended After Facebook Comment

PITTSBURGH —Pittsburgh paramedic David Morris has been suspended with pay, his attorney said Friday.

“David apologizes because that is not what’s in his heart,” attorney Milton Raiford said, adding that Morris has been a paramedic for 28 years and hopes to continue in the job.

A spokesman for Mayor Bill Peduto confirmed the paid suspension and said, “That is normal procedure while such matters are being reviewed.”

Mayor Bill Peduto confirms his office is looking into what he called a troubling comment by a man who multiple public safety sources have told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 is a city paramedic.

The comment by David Morris was posted under a Facebook post by Brandi Fisher, president and CEO of the Alliance for Police Accountability.

Fisher posted about a Dallas police officer who was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison and the shooting death of a man who had testified at the officer’s trial.

Under that post was a comment that said, “FOP the other blue gang,” referring to the Fraternal Order of Police.

Morris commented, “That’s why I don’t care when one of them goes down.”

“Medics and police officers work hand in hand in every incident. That is where violence occurs, so that relationship has to be a bond that’s made of steel, ” said Peduto. “It can’t be a bond that has any questions on either side.”

“The matter is being referred to human resources to see if the posting violated any EMS or city social media policies,” said Peduto’s spokesman, Tim McNulty.

Morris’ attorney, Milton Raiford, called his client’s comment stupid and ignorant but said it is not reflective of who he is.

“He hopes to continue working as a paramedic,” said Raiford. “He hopes that he can be forgiven, and I’m confident that he’ll go forth with a new state of mind.”


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