Firefighter Fired After Recording Regina Hill Reinstated, Given Nearly $200K In Back Pay

ORLANDO, Fla. – An Orlando firefighter who was fired after recording Commissioner Regina Hill during a medical call two years ago will get his job back after an arbitrator ruled the punishment didn’t fit the crime.

The final ruling also decided he will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in back pay.

In August 2017, Josh Granada and his crew were called to a Double Tree hotel for a 911 call, involving Hill.

Granada said he felt threatened by Hill’s comments and behavior, so he recorded her. He played the recording for other firefighters at the firehouse, but then deleted the audio.

Hill went to police after she said he violated her privacy and public trust.

Granada was arrested and fired from his job after the department said he violated the law. Two years later, an arbitrator ruled he be reinstated.

Union officials said the arbitrator found the punishment was too harsh, and it seemed the issue of recording audio of video went unaddressed at the department. 

A 2009 memo didn’t prohibit it and only said a supervisor had to give permission.

The city will not only have to reinstate him, but also offer back pay that could add up to nearly $200,000.


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