First Thursday, November 2019

This month, Will covers three recent news stories and four cases. News articles: Alaska State Troopers find fix for hiring woes: More pay Hennepin County Attorney’s Office on New Protocol: ‘No Privacy Rights in a Criminal Investigation’ Nevada Highway Patrol Association becomes the third group of state employees to unionize Cases: ‘Witness’ Officer Entitled […]

Pennsylvania House Approves Bills To Aid Stressed First Responders

Legislators approve 16 bills to help recruit volunteer firefighters, emergency personnel. Rushing to the aid of Pennsylvania towns that need to recruit more volunteer firefighters and emergency personnel, the state House of Representatives passed 16 bills in the past two weeks to support their efforts. State Rep. Frank Farry, R-142, of Langhorne, co-introduced House Bill 1459, which […]

Firefighter With PTSD Helping Others Recover

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Firefighters don’t just fight fires, they’re exposed to victims with serious injuries and horrific scenes of death and destruction. Heath Mooney, 41, is a father of two and a lieutenant with the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department. He is also a recovering alcoholic and battles post-traumatic-stress-disorder from his job. Mooney is not alone, but many firefighters don’t talk […]