First Thursday, November 2019

This month, Will covers three recent news stories and four cases.

News articles:

Alaska State Troopers find fix for hiring woes: More pay

Hennepin County Attorney’s Office on New Protocol: ‘No Privacy Rights in a Criminal Investigation’

Nevada Highway Patrol Association becomes the third group of state employees to unionize


‘Witness’ Officer Entitled To Weingarten Representative, Bardelas v. City of Doral, 46 FPER ¶ 91 (Fla. PERC 2019).

Corrections Officers Win $113 Million In Wage-And-Hour Lawsuit, Hootselle v. Missouri Dept. of Corrections, 2019 WL 4935933 (Mo. App. 2019).
(Referenced case: Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. v. Busk,

Favored Treatment To Fellow Officer Violates Ethics Statute, McGovern v. State Ethics Commission, 2019 WL 5078447 (Mass. App. 2019).

Termination For Theft ‘Shocks Conscience” Of Court, Matter of Arroyo v O’Neill, 2019 NY Slip Op 06568 (A.D. 2019).