Health Care Trusts

Using the Fort Worth, Texas Firefighters as an example, Will discusses health care trusts as an option for delivering health coverage for public safety employees. Michael Glynn, president of the Fort Worth Firefighters, talks about why the association considered a health care trust, how they got the city to buy into the idea and what […]

Groups Work Tirelessly To Help NC First Responders Cope With Mental Health

Mental health is a conversation that has been launched into the national spotlight. Yet for some sections of society, it’s still considered taboo. “One day, when I was at work in the early 90s,” former North Carolina Highway Patrol Officer Teia Poulin said. “I went to go stop a car and it so happened that […]

Implementing A Behavioral Health Program

A Death in the Family In the Fall of 2017, a member of the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department (DFR) died by suicide. Earlier that year, the firefighter had been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) and as a result faced disciplinary action. When the department learned of a second alcohol-related issue later the same year, […]

Weight Of The Call: The Dogs Are Here

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – Every first responder will see a trauma that stays with them throughout their career. The weight of the call can take a huge emotional toll with few places to turn for help. Roy City Advance EMT Stephanie Fischer said, “You don’t want to put that weight on other people […]