First Thursday, December 2019

This month’s cases:

  • Employer May Not Unilaterally Impose Waiver Of Right To Bargain, Gator Lodge Number 67, FOP v. City of Gainesville, 46 FPER ¶ 169 (Fla. PERC 2019).
  • Not Improper ‘Direct Dealing’ For Negotiators To Have Sidebar Discussion, Jamison v. East Lake Tarpon Special Fire Control District, 46 FPER ¶ 153 (Fla. PERC Gen. Coun. 2019)
  • Firefighter Staffing Per Shift Negotiable, City of Everett v. PERC, 2019 WL 5541502 (Wash. App. 2019).
  • Pre-Statement Video Review Is A Negotiable Topic, Fraternal Order of Police v. City of Pittsburgh, Case No. PF-C-18-27-W (Pa. LRB ALJ 2019)
  • Arbitration Panel Rules In Favor Of Pre-Statement Review Of Video, City of Newton, JLMC 17-6002 (McSpiritt, 2019)