First Thursday, January 2020

Will Aitchison discusses the fallout from a photo of Detroit firefighters posing in front of a burned house and the dangers of social media posting for public safety employees.

‘No-Contact’ Order Ruled Illegal, Oakdale Police Officers Association v. City of Oakdale, 44 PERC ¶ 99 (Cal. PERB ALJ 2019)

The NLRB Approves Greater Confidentiality in Workplace Investigations

The Department of Labor Issues New Rules On Calculating The Regular Rate of Pay

Employer Required To Bargain Over Many Lexipol Policies, Snohomish County Corrections Guild, 2019 WL 6271824 (Wash. PERC ALJ 2019).

The Standard For A Fitness For Duty Evaluation, Gipson v. Tawas Police Authority, 2019 WL 6876619 (6th Cir. 2019) (Related case)

County Required To Arbitrate ‘Me-Too’ Grievance, County of Rockland, 2019 WL 6720466 (N.Y.A.D. 2019)