Interview With Dr. Stephanie Conn On Emergency Personnel Resilience

What is resilience, how do emergency personnel develop it and how do departments foster it? Will discusses this important topic with psychologist Stephanie Conn in this special podcast.

Topics covered:

Dr. Conn’s book Increasing Resilience In Police And Emergency Personnel (00:02:44)

What is resilience? (00:06:56)

The four-part formula for resilience (00:11:58)

I. Organizational resilience (00:14:38)

II. Personal resilience (00:22:18)

  • Dealing with the impact of shift work on employee health (00:25:21)
  • (How can public safety workers develop personal resilience to combat exposure to traumatic events? (00:28:53)
  • Making families a part of resilience training (00:31:56)

III. Resilience preparation (00:39:09)

  1. Emotional needs (00:39:41)
  2. Cognitive and mental (00:44:16)
  3. Physical well-being (00:45:28)
  4. Spiritual (00:51:34)

IV. Resilience renovation (00:55:12)

  • How to develop a peer support team (00:59:52)
  • The role of a union in developing resilience (01:02:57)
  • The evolving role of mental health professionals in public safety employee wellness (01:05:07)

What is EMDR and how does it work? (01:07:26)