Norfolk PD New Year’s Resolution: Improve Officer Wellness And Resiliency

NORFOLK, Va. – In spring 2020, the Norfolk Police Department will start an evidence-based wellness program that will be provided to all sworn members of the department.

The police department partnered with the Bureau of Justice Assistance, International Association of Chiefs of Police, and University of Pennsylvania in December 2018. Norfolk PD became the first law enforcement agency in Virginia to receive nationally-accredited wellness and resiliency training.

During a course of three days, officers of all ranks received training about making healthy decisions to promote success within their organization and everyday lives of the those in the community.

“The women and men of the Norfolk Police Department are faced with stressful and critical challenges each day,” said Norfolk Police Chief Larry D. Boone in a news release.

“And after a busy day, those challenges begin to affect your personal life, family, and ultimately your health. This program will assist my officers in dealing with the stressors of work and life which help builds a stronger organization.”

The program will be put in place by the Norfolk Police Peer Support Team with the goal of training all members of the department by December 2020.

The initiative aims to improve an officer’s overall performance and quality of life by providing emotional support and tactics to reduce anxiety on and off the job.

In November, 10 officers also attended the VALOR Resilience Train-the-Trainer Program to begin the implementation of this program throughout the department.

“Much like our nationally and internationally recognized community engagement programs, this wellness and resiliency program will be a success if we strive to build relationships within the organization and acknowledge our need for support on and off the street.”


For more information on the VALOR Resilience Training Program, visit their website.