Lawmakers Want To Help First Responders Get Treatment For PTSD

JEFFERSON CITY — First responders recounted traumatizing experiences in vivid detail during a Missouri Senate committee hearing Tuesday. “If you’ve ever held a limb separated from a person, it’s weird,” said Ben Chlapek of the Mid-America Regional Council and Missouri EMS Association. “And on the highway, we have to pick up a leg or an […]

‘I Began To See My Life Fall Apart’: Bill Targets Funding, Treatment Of PTSD For First Responders

Firefighters, experts supporting LB 963 said legislation would change rules relating to personal injuries, workers’ compensation LINCOLN, Neb. — More than a handful of firefighters shared personal, powerful stories about the challenges they’ve faced while diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. Their families and mental health experts joined them in asking Nebraska state senators […]

Recent Officer Suicides Place Spotlight On Stresses Of Police Work

Two officer suicides draw attention to the cumulative trauma officers face on job.  Duane Fredrickson’s 23 years as a police officer were a carousel of horrors that haunt him to this day. Countless shootings. Suicides. Baby-not-breathing calls. He grew increasingly despondent and withdrawn, especially after his marriage collapsed and his police colleagues began shunning him […]

Florida Working Out Flaws In Firefighter Cancer Bill

When Brian Kernohan complained to his doctor of merciless headaches two summers ago, he expected to get a prescription for a sinus infection, not a diagnosis of brain cancer. The 37-year-old firefighter’s eardrums were curved inward, so his doctor suggested a CT scan. It found a tumor the size of a golf ball sitting on […]