As Overtime Takes Its Toll, City Fire Crews Back Budget Request For Additional Staff

Charlottesville firefighters say they are exhausted and burned out from working overtime to keep the department’s ambulances operating. City officials need to skip budgetary bandages and hire more staff, they say. Officials with the city’s firefighter union say some crew members are working up to 120 hours a week to cover shifts on the department’s […]

Fire Department Under Fire Over Closures When Workers Call In Sick

“Sorry … Temporarily Closed,” reads a post on the Buffalo fire union’s Facebook page letting people know that a particular fire company near them is closed on a given day because of a staffing model the Fire Department uses when too many firefighters call in sick. “Citizens in that area please be advised that your […]

NYPD Issues New Strict Social Media Policy As It Investigates Leaks

The NYPD has issued a new strict social media policy for its officers  — as the top brass tries to tamp down on leaks and Internal Affairs probes a union head’s often antagonistic online rhetoric, The Post has learned. The new policy, which was issued on Feb. 12, tells officers not to post any information […]

Detective Retires After 22 Years On Sick Leave

One of Rhode Island’s longest-running cases of a municipality paying a worker a full salary to stay home is now over, the NBC 10 I-Team has learned. Michael Clancy, 62, officially retired two weeks ago, ending 22 years of legal wrangling and a limbo-type status that allowed the Warren police detective to receive his full […]

After Five Years Of Indecision, St. Pete Officers May Finally Get Body Cameras

St. Petersburg Police Chief Tony Holloway says he always supported equipping his officers with body cameras. Is this the year that it will finally happen? ST. PETERSBURG — It has been more than five years since Police Chief Tony Holloway expressed cautious support for body cameras. He liked the idea of bringing them to St. […]