County Required To Arbitrate ‘Me-Too’ Grievance

The County of Rockland in New York and the Superior Officers Council of the Sheriff’s Corrections Officers Association of Rockland County are parties to a collective bargaining agreement that requires the members of the Association to be paid a certain percentage more than the rate of pay of the corrections officers they supervise. On December […]

Firefighter Fired For Refusing Vaccination, Accommodation

Brett Horvath was employed as a driver/pump operator by the City of Leander Fire Department in Texas. Horvath is an ordained Baptist minister and objects to vaccinations as a tenet of his religion. In 2014, two years after he was hired, the Department adopted an infection control plan that directed fire department personnel to receive […]

Officer Forfeits Pension After Conviction For Obstruction

Michael Lalley was a police sergeant in Newark, New Jersey. In early 2010, he was approached by agents of the FBI seeking his cooperation with an investigation of fellow members of the Department. Lalley declined to cooperate in the investigation. Unbeknownst to him, during the same time period the FBI was also investigating his sexual […]

Officer Fails ‘Integrity Test,’ Loses Promotion

David Meadows is a police officer with the City of North Bay Village in Florida. In January 2017, Meadows sat for the sergeant’s examination and placed second on the promotional list. The City uses a rule of three. Under the collective bargaining agreement between the City and the FOP, the police chief has discretion in […]

Who Does The Employer Deal With After A Decertification Vote?

In the fall of 2016, a consent election was held to determine whether the bargaining representative for Macomb County, Michigan Sheriff’s Department’s deputies and dispatchers should be changed. At the time, the employees were represented by the Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM). During the election campaign, the Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council (FOPLC) […]

No Proof That Firefighter Could Control Weight By Diet And Exercising

Gregg Burns is a firefighter for the City of Las Vegas. Burns filed a workers’ compensation claim after suffering a heart attack in October 2013. When the City denied the claim, several levels of appeal occurred before the case wound up in the Nevada Court of Appeals. The key questions for the Court surrounded a […]

Romantic Relationships And Due Process

Hosea Word is a sergeant and aspiring lieutenant in the Chicago Police Department. When he took the departmental lieutenants’ exam in 2006, he was ranked 150th of all candidates. The sergeants ranked 1 through 149 all received promotions. Sergeant Word was the highest-scoring candidate who did not. In 2015, when Word next took the exam, […]

Detectives’ Long-Running FLSA Case Comes To Bizarre End

The opening of the federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ opinion in a long-running lawsuit brought by two Travis County, Texas detectives is one of the best descriptions of FLSA litigation to find its way into a court opinion: “Whether a worker is entitled to the FLSA’s time-and-a-half requirement for overtime pay is an important […]

Officer’s Firing For Facebook Posts Upheld

Anthony Venable, who had been an officer with the Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County Police Department (MNPD) since 2007, engaged in a Facebook conversation regarding the shooting of Philando Castile in Minnesota. At the time, Venable was off-duty and the shooting had happened just the day before. During the course of the conversation, Venable posted […]

Phoenix Council Approves Civilian Oversight For Police Department

PHOENIX — Phoenix City Council approved a plan to provide civilian police oversight, including investigative powers, after months of contentious debate. By a 5-4 vote, the council approved the “Office of Accountability and Transparency” proposal championed by Councilmember Carlos Garcia. OAT will become a new city department, separate from the police department, which will include […]

Ohio State Cancels Police ‘Force Science’ Event After Community Backlash

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A police “Force Science” training event has been canceled at Ohio State University after criticism from the public. The event was scheduled to take place on March 12-13 on Ohio State’s campus. Force Science Institute was the group behind the event. It focuses on the research and application of “unbiased scientific principles and processes […]