Portsmouth Firefighters Union Calls Staff Shortage Critical, Asks For Support

PORTSMOUTH, Va. — Short staffing continues to put a strain on Portsmouth emergency services, according to the union representing the city’s firefighters and paramedics. Portsmouth City Council will soon review a budget for the next fiscal year. Portsmouth Professional Firefighters Vice President Levin Turner said the union plans to lobby for more money “This means […]

Police Departments Close Lobbies, Substations To Limit Contact With Public

The Bellevue Police Department has closed two substations to limit contact with the public amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Meeghan Black with Bellevue Police said this decision was important for the people that volunteer at the department. “Our volunteers, there are 16 of them that rotate through the substations, are considered to be at high risk […]

‘We’re Robbing Peter To Pay Paul’: Austin Police Move Officers From Specialized Units To Address Staffing Shortage

AUSTIN, Texas — Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday said the Austin Police Department (APD) will pull some officers from specialized units and put them back on patrol shifts. “They’re being moved off of specialized units like from our organized crime division, from our highway enforcement unit and from our parks division. And it has to be done because […]