Baltimore Police Department Under Pressure To Recruit Officers

BALTIMORE (WBFF) As Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison battles the city’s crime, the department is also under pressure to recruit and retain officers.

Mike Mancuso is president of The Fraternal Order of Police, the city’s police union. Mancuso is speaking out through a letter that puts the commissioner and Mayor Jack Young under scrutiny.

The criticism comes as Harrison and Young welcomed a new class of recruits Monday to the Baltimore police department, 32 potential officers.

According to the FOP, last week the mayor and commissioners said “Officer retention is at the highest level in 20 years.” But Mancuso said that’s not accurate. Especially when you consider in the first two months of 2020, the department hired 41 trainees, but lost 70 officers to either retirement or they simply quit,” said Mancuso.

Still, Harrison and Young say they’re confident in their recruitment efforts.

At the welcome, Young told recruits, “I’m hoping you can reach out to your friends and get them to come to one of the greatest, as the commissioner calls it, one of the greatest comeback stories in America.”

“This will be hard, it will not be easy,” Harrison told recruits. “It’s hard because we designed it to be hard because we want you to be the best.”

The commissioner says he has streamlined the training process to get officers on the streets quicker. The process has gone from 38 weeks to 30 weeks.


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