Interview With Attorney and Author Ron DeLord

Will Aitchison interviews Ron DeLord, the founder of Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas (CLEAT). In addition to being an attorney and experienced contract negotiator, Ron is a published author and respected historian of the law enforcement labor movement.

0:00 Introduction.
04:10 Ron’s background.
07:15 Founding of CLEAT.
11:28 The unique approach to law enforcement collective bargaining in Texas.
19:33 Books authored by Ron.
23:55 The police union movement in Texas.
27:00 The influence of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.
30:10 Ballot measures dealing with police oversight.
43:45 The trend towards progressive prosecutors.
50:10 How do recent trends affect the future of policing?
56:28 Using Chicago as a metaphor, what sort of advice would Ron give to a big-city police union facing a myriad of issues?
1:05:36 How binding arbitration and meet-and-confer differ in getting the best deal for members.
1:11:47 Ron’s take on boycotts lead by police unions, including those of Nike, Dunkin’ Donuts and Beyoncé, and national police unions’ involvement in politics.