Butler Police Officer Terminated After Racially Insensitive Facebook Post

BUTLER, GA — A Butler police officer has been terminated after complaints about a racially insensitive Facebook post.

“On Monday, June 22, 2020 the Officer was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation of the post. The investigation led to the discovery of the Officer being in violation of policy,” according to a statement by the Butler Police Department.

The Butler Police officer posted on her personal Facebook page a picture, that reads “Have you ever noticed that the police leave you alone if you’re not doing anything illegal?”.

Many people replied in disagreement saying they’d been profiled before. The officer responded to one comment saying: “We all do. I bet you’ve been around the white people so long that your credit score is high.”

Angela Walker says when she saw the post and the comments, she immediately contacted the Butler Georgia police chief about the incident.

“It makes me realize that people like her that have that mindset that “I’m not doing anything wrong, I was just making a joke by making a racist joke” that’s literally racist by making a racist joke. I feel like it’s insensitive to… even if you think its funny, it’s really not funny to the people that have put up with that mentality for years,” Walker said in a phone interview with WRBL.

She said she was offended by the post. “It just seems like she’s disregarding everyone’s experience because she doesn’t have that experience.”

Chief Kain Cobb stated “I stand firmly on the belief that Officer misconduct is absolutely intolerable and I abhor any Officer who carries out their duties in an illegal or unethical manner. I assure you that complaints lodged against any member of the Butler Police Department be thoroughly investigated and appropriate action will be taken. We will continue to strive to maintain the trust of all people and to protect the life and property of others, unbiased.”

News 3 reached out to the officer. We have not received comment back.

From WRBL.com