Iowa Police Chief Faces Backlash Over Facebook Comment

SIOUX RAPIDS, Iowa — The police chief of the Sioux Rapids Police Department is facing backlash over a comment he made on Facebook Monday.

The post shows the image of a truck driving through protesters in Des Moines. Chief Tim Porter wrote quote “hit the gas and hang on over the road bumps.”

Porter issued a statement Tuesday apologizing and explained what he says happened.

It reads, quote “I have a huge apology to all that saw my Facebook page yesterday of myself making a comment about running over a person in the street holding a USA sign. Someone called me last night and asked me about it, I was just surprised myself. I was on another post working and somehow it accidentally was posted on the wrong post. I just want to publicly apologize for my horrible mistake, my posting was a total accident. I don’t want to offend anyone. I’m all for peaceful protest, bad cops getting removed. People that know me, know I would never encourage anyone to run over any protester or anyone. I’m for change like everyone. I feel horrible for my mistake. I’m sorry for all the confusion.”

From KCCI Des Moines