MERIDIAN TWP, MI — Meridian Township leaders held a Zoom conference Wednesday regarding the investigation of racial comments made by a member of the township’s fire department.

“It appears that one of our firefighters wrote BLDM and after several people ask him what does that mean? ,” said Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh.

“The comment is, ‘They don’t’ interpreted to Black Lives don’t matter,” added Walsh.

A woman who lives in Virginia reached out to the fire department after reading comments made on Facebook.

Meridian Township said the comments were abhorrent and don’t represent the views of the community.

“We want to offer again our sincere apology to Black Lives Matter, our community and we stand in unison with our fire department. They’re the best men and women we can have in our department,” said Walsh.

The Meridian Township Fire Department member, who allegedly made these comments on Facebook is not scheduled to work until the completion of the investigation.

“We plan to talk to the individual, we plan to talk to people who made comments about the comment that was made a throughout investigation and I expect it to be completed in the next 48 hours,” said Walsh.

The public was able to comment on the matter during the meeting and ask questions.

Many wanted to know how they could help further the cause of Black Lives Matter and what the township was doing to address racism as well.

“We’re going to be reaching out in the coming months – the coming weeks to find out and maybe what’s occurred in the last couple of months of this nation has given us new rise to be a whole lot better,” said Walsh.

A second news conference will be held sometime in the next 48 hours following the investigation.

You can watch the press conference here: