BRYANT, AR — People in Bryant are fired up over a Facebook post made by a Bryant Firefighter.

The Mayor of Bryant called the post racist and inappropriate and said the employee has since been terminated.

“It’s a racist comment and a racist post,” said Allen Scott, Mayor of Bryant, “It’s a racist post essentially jabbing Black Lives Matter and it implies that they should pick cotton and its just not appropriate.”

Mayor Scott said hours after he learned about the post, Kyle Robertson was fired from the Bryant Fire Department.

“When I saw the post of course I thought it was immediately inappropriate for anyone to post, let alone a city employee,” said Scott.

Robertson has worked for the Fire Department since 2009 and made his way up the ranks.

We did reach out to Robertson for comment, he said he doesn’t want to say anything that would possibly shed a negative light on the department.

Robertson also said, “At present, I am at a loss.”

“Don’t judge a book by one sentence and this is just one sentence. Really what we are, we are nothing like this,” said Scott.

Scott said they are ready to close this chapter and use it to teach other city employees.

 “I need to get back with my people and make sure they understand the significance of this and why it’s inappropriate,” said Scott.

Scott said this is the first time a situation like this has happened since becoming mayor. He also says he hopes to take the appropriate steps to drive home the standards for city employees.