Metro Corrections Officer Suspended For ‘Unacceptable’ Facebook Posts About George Floyd, Con-federate Flag

LOUISVILLE, KY — A Louisville Metro Corrections officer has been suspended without pay for “completely unacceptable” social media posts about her support for the confederate flag and criticizing George Floyd, a Black man killed by police. 

A post about Floyd shared by Officer Jenna Showalter on her personal Facebook page said “well look what I found about George Floyd” and listed his alleged criminal record while adding, “he was such a saint alright.”

The post also said “it would be a shame if this went viral.”

Floyd died after a white police officer knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes in Minneapolis. 

“The men and women of Metro Corrections work hard every day to treat people with compassion and equity,” Metro Corrections Director Dwayne Clark said in a statement. “Officer Showalter’s social media posts were completely unacceptable, bring discredit to our department and will not be tolerated.”

Clark said an internal investigation will be conducted while Showalter is on unpaid leave.

Metro Correction’s standard operating procedures prohibit social media posts that are prejudiced, biased or may bring discredit upon the department.

Showalter also posted or shared posts about the confederate flag, including one that said “Slavery is a choice” and the flag is not about race, “it’s about freedom.”

Another post Showalter shared about the confederate flag said, “If we had equal rights in this country, wouldn’t my southern heritage be just as important as your black history?”

Showalter, who was hired in 2016, couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Daniel Johnson, FOP President of Louisville Corrections Lodge 77, said in a statement that the FOP does not “tolerate or condone speech that reflects hate or racism.

“The FOP understands that the department will do a thorough investigation into these allegations to find out if any policy violations have occurred. We will observe the process and ensure our contract is followed providing fair treatment and due process as we would for any one of our members. There is no place in the FOP for officers who are found to be spreading racism and hate.”