NASHVILLE, TN — The Nashville Fire Department reported Thursday one of its captains has been placed on paid administrative leave after questionable posts on Facebook surfaced.

The public posts pertaining to race and politics were on a Facebook page that appears to belong to Captain Tracy Turner of Station 18 in East Nashville.

One of the lengthier posts said in part, “What we done? We have raised a generation of morons that think that police are evil, especially the white ones …that all white people are racist and privileged …what have we done?”

State Representative Vincent Dixie’s represents constituents in the same area where Turner works.

“The constituents, the first thing without me saying anything, the first thing they were saying, ‘How do I know that he’s going to take care of me? That he’s going to come and give me the best aid that I need in order to survive?’ and people are worried about that,” said Dixie.

One of the posts said, “If all white people can be guilty for slavery because of a few plantation owners… then black people get to share the same guilt. There were Black plantation owners as well. So if all whites are guilty so are blacks.”

Dixie commented on the matter further, saying, “When your clients or your customers come from the same background that you’re denigrating, or that you have these biased opinions towards – how am I feeling that I’m getting the best product – that I’m getting the best from you.”

Another post on the Facebook page said, “If you’ve been mistreated by someone of a different race, most of the time it’s because one of you are a jerk. Not your skin color.”

Dixie said ultimately it would be up to the Nashville Fire Department to decide on how to handle the matter, but he expressed he believes the social media posts affect Turner’s judgement.

“Is that the person that the Nashville Fire Department feels is giving 100% every time they go out on a call? So I think that’s up to the Fire Department to decipher. They know him better than I do, I can only judge his actions and his words in which I don’t have much confidence in,” said Dixie.

On Thursday, a lengthy apology post was seen on Turner’s Facebook page that said, in part, “I would like to put out a public apology to anyone I may have offended …I am a Conservative, I love my job as a firefighter and have worked in the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in Nashville …some of closest friends are black fireman.”

The Nashville Fire Department sent this statement to News 2 in regards to the matter,

When Captain Turner reported for duty Thursday for his scheduled shift NFD leadership met with him to discuss the posts. They placed him on paid administrative leave pending a disciplinary panel. He will not be allowed to return to work until after that process is completed. The hearing typically happens within 10 days.