North Alabama Officer Placed On Administrative Leave Over George Floyd Facebook Post

A North Alabama police officer was placed on administrative leave following complaints over two Facebook posts he shared, including one that mocks George Floyd.

Mentone Police Officer Ross Greenwood said he was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of a termination hearing after someone complained about his social media activity. Greenwood told that he was not told who complained about the posts, and Mentone Mayor Rob Hammond, who confirmed Greenwood was put on administrative leave to the Fort Payne Times-Journal, could not be reached for comment.

Greenwood said he shared two posts that received complaints. One said., “The Treasury Department will honor George Floyd by placing his portrait on the counterfeit $20 bill” and the other said, “Breaking News: Quaker Oats officially changes name to Shaquille O’atmeal.”

Facebook post
Facebook post

Mentone Police Officer Ross Greenwood was placed on administrative leave for sharing this Facebook post.

According to the Times-Journal, Hammond said disciplinary action was taken against Greenwood for violating the police department’s code of conduct.

“I’ve been at that police department for a year and a half full-time and I had asked for a copy of the policy. I had not received one,” Greenwood told Greenwood said he also never signed any papers documenting that he agreed to any department social media policy.

The officer said he continues to display the posts on his Facebook page because he does not think the there’s anything wrong with them.

“There’s something on Facebook that’s going to offend somebody,” he said. “There’s posts going around of police officers getting their throats cut. That offends me. But I don’t get out of shape. I just think, ‘Wow, that’s pretty rough.‘”