Proposal To Give Denver Police Raises In 2022 Faces Objections From Council

DENVER, CO — It’s an awkward time for Denver police to be negotiating a new, two-year contract — given the pandemic’s hit to the city budget and recent calls to defund police after their protest response — but the contract’s upcoming expiration has forced that conversation. And even before all of the details of a tentative deal […]

NAACP Legal Defense Fund Challenges Police Union Contracts

MICHEL MARTIN, HOST: The issue of law enforcement accountability has been top-of-the-mind for many Americans over the course of this difficult summer, especially after the deaths of a number of unarmed African Americans. And different groups have looked for answers about why this is happening and what can be done. Well, now one of the […]

Pittsburgh Police Social Media Policy Under Review As Posts Made By Officer Are Investigated

Pittsburgh police are currently reviewing their policy on social networking sites and may amend it after they placed an officer on administrative leave pending an investigation into his social media posts.  This announcement comes after the Department of Public Safety announced Friday night that it placed a police officer on administrative leave until further notice pending the […]

Fired Oakland Police Chief Files Whistleblower Lawsuit Against City

OAKLAND, CA — Fired Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick followed through on a promise to sue the city of Oakland for retaliation, filing a federal lawsuit Wednesday that claims she was booted from the job for reporting corruption and misconduct in the police commission.  Her lawsuit claims members of the police commission, a civilian body formed in […]