MEMPHIS, TN — Racially charged Facebook posts are at the center of a Memphis Police investigation into one of its officers.

FOX13 was sent screenshots of the comments which appear to have been made by an officer but that has not been verified.

The comments appear to show support for the 17-year-old who is charged with shooting two black lives protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Chelsea Glass said it all started when she made a comment on a friend’s post about a Fox News article.

In the article, it said Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawyer is claiming that he acted in self-defense.

Glass commented on the post and said she’s not surprised that Rittenhouse’s lawyer would make that claim.

That’s when she claims a police officer named Matthew Dyess started arguing with her in the comment section.

She shared a screenshot which she said is a comment from Dyess.

In the picture, it shows Rittenhouse holding a weapon during a Black Lives Matter protest. The words on the picture said, “Blame it all on my roots, I showed up in boots and ruined their black lives affair.”

“When you are supposed to be an officer and your job is to uphold the law and you are celebrating someone who obviously acted in complete opposition of your oath that’s super concerning,” said Glass.

Glass shared another picture of Dyess’s profile which shows him in a police uniform.

When FOX13 found his profile on Facebook we could no longer see the picture.

However, FOX13 could see that he liked a page called “F*** The Organization Black Lives Matter.”

Glass shared several other screenshots believed to be from the officer.

The post said, “Damn it that kid can shoot.”

“I want him fired and every officer who shares those sentiments, I want them gone too,” said Glass.

Glass made a complaint to the FBI, TBI and Memphis Police Department.

A spokesperson with Memphis Police said the department is aware of the posts and an administrative investigation is ongoing.

“People have these ideologies and we need to ask why they feel so at home at a police department where they authorized to protect black and brown people,” said Pastor Earle Fischer.

Pastor Fischer said he would like to see the officer removed from the police department but said that ultimately doesn’t solve the problem.

“What I would like to see at the very least is every officer that claims to be good, standing up and denouncing every aspect and example of this that is anywhere in their proximity in the police department,” said Fischer.

FOX13 asked if Police Director Mike Rallings could make a comment about this but was told he can’t because it’s still getting looked into.

From Fox 13 Memphis