Deputy Reprimanded For Online Post

‘Black Lives Matter’ outcry leads to deletion of sheriff’s office Facebook pageImageBody

A social media post lead to a Graham County sheriff’s deputy being reprimanded and sparked outrage from supporters of Black Lives Matter.

Comments on a Saturday post made on the TikTok app escalated to the deputy – who Graham County Sheriff Jerry Crisp said is relatively new to the force – stating, “I really don’t remember the last time a group of ‘Trump supporters’ or thin blue line supporters got together and destroying (sic) cities and looted because they feel like the way they’ve been treated by BLM or Antifa was ‘unfair’ or brutality.

“Can someone please put a bullet in this poor girl’s head and just do the world a favor?”

The comment was made in reference to a video that showed an adult woman reacting negatively to passing by a Trump parade at an undisclosed location. The comment was quickly picked up by those associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.

The woman in the video responded to the comment with another TikTok by outing the deputy’s Facebook page and asking, “This you? Because I went ahead and gave your boss a call. Americano’s (expletive). Did you win? Did you do it? Do you feel good? I got death threats. Are you the winner?”

After the comment was presented to the Graham County Sheriff’s Office, Crisp addressed the matter internally with the deputy Monday. He would not specify what took place, citing state personnel laws. 

“It was dealt with, swiftly,” Crisp said. “But because it’s a personnel matter, I can’t discuss it further, other than to say I am dealing with the party involved and the deputy.”

The backlash spread to the sheriff’s office’s Facebook page, with one commenter challenging, “You have a deputy that says someone with opposing views should be shot in the head. How do you respond to that?” 

The comment was posted on numerous posts, leading to the page shutting down Monday afternoon.