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When Cops Abuse Social Media, The Results Are Explosive: “One Post Can Become A Movement”

As a young cop in Richmond in 2008, Ben Murdoch made a mistake that cost him his career and led some to label him a racist.

At a Halloween party, a Latino friend came dressed in a Ku Klux Klan outfit meant to be a costume of a pop culture character created by comedian Dave Chappelle — Clayton Bigsby, a blind Black man who is also a white supremacist. Murdoch, dressed as a rock star, and the friend began spoofing the Bigsby skit, he said, including giving a Nazi salute.

A picture was taken and posted on social media. Local news picked it up, and two days short of finishing his probationary period, Murdoch said he was pressured to resign and has not worked in law enforcement since.

“At the time you think it’s hilarious, and you don’t think about what you are doing,” Murdoch said recently. “Think twice with all your decisions.”


Houston Fire Department Firefighter Under Investigation Over Controversial Memes

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — An investigation is underway after a Houston firefighter posted racist memes on his social media accounts.

The memes, which are known as humorous photos or videos that feature a piece of text, were posted on the firefighter’s Facebook page in July and September.

The images were based on making fun of Black Republicans, including Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

Cameron has received backlash for his handling of the investigation into Breonna Taylor’s death.

Another meme featured Herman Cain, a onetime Republican presidential candidate.


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